Cell phone users can join OecoSystema through a network of local agents and conduct their transactions with SMS. The local agents process cell phone user identification and registration. A picture of the user is taken with a smartphone and sent together with the mobile number to OecoSystema for registration.

Local agents earn money selling TX tokens, while educating and supporting users. Local agents purchase TX tokens for $0.025 and sell them to users for $0.05 (in local currency). 

TX tokens are paid with Bitcoin or Ethereum. To obtain BTC or ETH, the local agent application has localbitcoins.com and localethereum.com built in. In this way the OecoSystema Local Agents also support Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.

Village Markets

Physical village markets can be organized for the exchange of goods and services where the local agent acts as an organizer. Offers can be posted on a chalk board or in a community center.

Example from the media sector: Alfred Sirleaf¬†prints his daily ‘newspaper’ on a chalkboard on the street in Liberia, for those that can’t afford internet, TV or printed newspapers.